Student Information

Manage student data with ease and efficiency

Educational institutions have to handle enormous amounts of student data for efficient functioning of the education delivery mechanism. Managing student information without automation is a resource intensive and time consuming activity which invariably leads to errors and inefficiencies. Edumanag Student Information Management module allows schools to record and manage all student-level data: admission information, contact details, parent information, etc. This module serves as a central reference database for information about all students and can be used to export customized lists of students based on different parameters.

Student Information


  • Record and manage student information
  • Central dashboard for recording and viewing a wide range of student details
  • Export information lists with specific information at will


  • Streamlined Information Management
  • Ready reference for use in different student activities, reports and emergencies
  • A secure and safe central repository
  • Source of information for subsequent Edumanag Education modules
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