Time Table

Efficient & intelligent timetable generation for perfect synergy between the schools resources and student time

An efficient and intelligent Time Table design ensures that there is perfect synergy between the schools resources and the time students spend in school. But designing a Time Table that truly is the best arrangement Is tough. When this task is done manually, there is a risk that it is less than optimal and might need several iterations before it becomes efficient. EduManag Time Table module saves schools the trouble and automatically generates the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly time table of the entire school based on school preferences.

Timetable Management


  • Automatic generation of school timetables - customized as per their preferences
  • Efficiently plan time of faculty members and staff
  • Class arrangement to ensure gaps between complex and high-priority classes for a low stress learning environment
  • Re-adjust summer and winters timetables according to School/Govt. authority mandates


  • Accurate timetable generation as design based on school constraints
  • Optimal utilization of time and teaching resources through an intelligently designed timetable
  • Manages stress levels of students and teachers
  • Effort minimization towards designing copying and forwarding information about timetables
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